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Hand Bowls

These hand bowls were born from pure experimentation. I think that by holding a bowl within a hand print creates a more intimate experience while using the bowl.

I have never considered myself a ceramicist, but I have a respect for clay and experience using it a material. In the Spring of 2019, I created 50 hand bowls for the Community Supported Art Program through the ASC. This spurred on a love for the impressions clay and hold. These useful but decorative bowls are glazed on the inside and left bisque on the outside. The impression of a human hand embodies the surface and the holder of the piece finds the hold fit for them inside the impression. Contact for a custom piece. 

This what I call a hand bowl, I take a slab of clay and press it into a mold. This leaves the marks of my hand into the outside surface of the bowl. I fire the bowls, then glaze them on the inside and leaves the bisque surface on the outside

Project Gallery

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