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H20 CIAF.png
H20 Hydrochromic Mural, 2022

16' x 8'

Romare Bearden Park

Charlotte International Arts Festival 

Charlotte, NC

This mural installation displays the important message "without water this does not exist" This is demonstrated through the change of the mural color in reaction to contact with water. The hand-painted barrel in the front holds 30 gallons of water with a hand pump for visitors to spray the mural themselves. Underneath the white is a marine life mural highlighting endangered animals and other life that could not exist without water. The mural itself and these animals cannot exist without water. 

CLT Placemaking Mural, 2020

16' x 6'

Marney Ave

Charlotte, NC

This piece was created in response to COVID-19 to add street murals to neighborhoods around Charlotte, NC. You can drive your car over this work at the intersection of Marney Ave and Sam Drennan. 

Be Bold, 2019

9' x 11'

Bold Missy Brewery

610 Anderson St

Charlotte, NC 28205

This pattern in this work symbolizes standing out amoungst the rest. This women owned brewery empowers the Bold Missies of today and throughout history. This positive message encourages all of their costumers when they come in for a craft beer. 

Carolina Hopscape, 2018

30' x 11'

Heist Brewery

2909 North Davidson St 

Charlotte, NC 28205

This long mural depicts an ideal Carolina landscape centered around the processes of craft beer. The images depicted in this mural, such as hop fields, barrels, a train, and the Charlotte Skyline, are the essence of Heist Brewery's modo. 

Growing Out, 2018

5' x 5'

3205 North Davidson St

Charlotte, NC 28205

This self-portrait mural fits in with street art as a hidden gem in the heart of Noda. This piece is a self-portrait that symbolizes the growth that I was experiencing from graduating with my MFA to my professional career as an artist. 

We Are Mustangs.JPG
We Are Mustangs, 2015

25' x 14'

Springfield Middle School

1711 Springfield Pkwy 

Fort Mill, SC 29715

This spirited mural was commissioned by the Tolar family in honor of Jay Tolar. This image depicts the school mascot and the school cheer on the wall of the school gym.

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