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      Rebecca Lipps is a multifaceted artist and educator cultivating immersive experiences by combining sculpture and video. Her painting background developed from Xavier University where she received her Bachelor of Arts. She also received a Master of Fine Arts in 2019 from Winthrop University, where she concentrated on video installation.

     She enjoys pushing the boundaries of technology and art making to create a new form of expression. She believes video is a tool that is currently impacting human society and sees the importance of highlighting it in combination with fine art. It is also important to her to impact her community by making public art, teaching classes, and involving herself in arts organizations around Charlotte. She is currently on the board of Talking Walls Art Festival, a TAC founder, a CAL member, a YAMS member, a CLT Placemaking artist, and a volunteer of ArtPopCLT. Rebecca is also the proud creator of the Community Art Exchange in Charlotte.

     She currently teaches art in Fort Mill School District as well as freelancing her own painting classes. Her original concepts impress her community subsequently being the only artist in the area experimenting with digital video and sculpture. Rebecca also brings sculpture to life by projection mapping onto its surface.  It is Rebecca’s goal to create art that pushes the boundaries of technology and sculpture.

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