Rebecca Lipps is a multifaceted artist and educator living in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2013. Rebecca received a Bachelor of Arts from Xavier University with a concentration in painting. She received a Master of Fine Arts from Winthrop University with a concentration in sculpture and video installation.
     She currently teaches art at Springfield Middle School where she has found her passion for education. She also teaches freelance painting classes at businesses
and residences in the Charlotte area. Her multiple talents include custom artwork in the form of murals, canvas paintings, and portraits.
     In her recent investigations, she combines material with technology to support conversations about visual shifts in the arts. She films and edits video to appear as a moving painting then projects it onto sculpture. These short, abstract
videos allow her to repeatedly investigate herself and the environment around her. Self-portraiture is a reoccurring investigation in her work. This driving force comes from the intuitive need to reflect and investigate the self to achieve
therapeutic composure. Rebecca’s objective is to further immerse her art in the communities of Charlotte to develop connections among the people of this city.