Body , 2019

This projection installation collages cropped videos of my body performing repetitive actions that relieve my anxiety. My work helps me cope with my experiences with anxiety. I explore the affects of projection mapping onto a three-dimensional surface.

Body Blue2019

This video compiles collaged parts of my body edited to be viewed in blue. The movements of my body parts are relievers of anxiety. 

PUSH, 2018

This video spurs on a discussion of women and their body. The mini sculptures have a push button in the middle of the circular fur. When the performer pushes it, the sculpture quickly closes on their finger. This small surprise urges a curiosity to press more of the buttons. The video piece transitions into a dual intention. Some of the clips are of the performer enjoying the experience and the others are reluctant. The dong of the symbol rings as an ominous reminder of my new fate. 

Tainted, 2017

 I directed my viewer’s attention to human relationships and the mark they leave on the body. My filmed performance began when entered the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina costumed in a pure white dress. I asked strangers on the street to make a mark on my dress with blue ink. The blue marks contaminated the white dress and the purity of my garment was corrupted. The metaphor of this performance considered the physical and psychological aftermath of an emotional human act on another. This performance was a catalyst to a three-minute video that inspired an installation piece.

Application Dating

Application Dating is an installation and video performance that was inspired by my use of phone applications. Hundreds of printed dating profiles cover the table, chairs, walls, and floor. I gathered questions from the dating applications and filmed myself posing them to the empty chair across the table. The overwhelming collage of application profiles surrounded me as I asked questions that were met with silence; there was no real human interaction, no a connection with another. I used my installation as a stage that featured what I consider a traditional date setting of a table and two chairs in the corner of a room.

Ice Melting

Experience, 2016

The Ice Melting Experience depicts a unique strategy to paint. The Sun become the painter as it melts paint filled ice onto the canvas. The pieces are hung with my grandfathers string he used to bundle his flowers with. The tones of color in the cubes are chosen specifically to mimic his flowers he grew. They are hung vertically in an arrangement to drip on the canvas creating an abstract landscape. The video captures the process of change in the ice cubes go when melting and falling on a canvas below.

Water series 1, 2, and 3, 2018

This series of video clips hide the appearance of nature by changing their color and duration to foster viewer investigation and inquiry. Each investigates various movements of water found in nature.