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BLOOM is an interactive projection installation with community effort to beautify businesses in the city of Charlotte. A projection-mapped live video illuminated the McColl Center with two highly interactive segments that invited festival goers to become visual conductors of the projection. The first segment was a podium with an interactive digital screen installed in front of the McColl Center that encourages festival goers to interact with video by changing its effects and imagery. People of all ages pressed a series of buttons on the screen that change the color, image, style, and effect of the projection on the building. The second segment involved community planting of spring flower bulbs in handmade beds that were distributed to participating businesses of Charlotte Shout. The projected building customized the planter’s experience by reacting to motion and bloomed a digital flower onto the wall. This multi experiential work continued beyond Charlotte SHOUT! as the flower beds bloom throughout the summer in their new homes around Charlotte.

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