Body, 2019

5.2' x 4.5' x 4' 

Plywood, Fomular, Video

This sculpture installation is protruding from the ceiling as if the wall has become fractured into triangular forms. The surface was hand built to create various triangular planes for projecting on. The videos collage on the sculpture displaying cropped videos of my body performing repetitive actions that relieve my anxiety. My work helps me cope with my experiences with anxiety. I explore the affects of projection mapping onto a three-dimensional surface.


Transform, 2019

6' x 4' x 8' 

Resin, Tempered Glass, Mirror, Monofilament

This work projects a video straight down onto broken tempered glass that lays on a broken sheet of glass placed four feet above floor level. The form of this sheet replicates the shape of the “breath cloud” caught in one selected frame of the video Breathe. A hexagon mirror sits at a forty-five degree angle underneath, reflecting the video onto the opposing wall. These materials alter the viewer’s expectation of a video screen, and distort the film making the image less clear. A narrative is created between the projected images of the body and glass, as the fragile nature of the materials symbolize my vulnerability to anxious emotional states.

P3240304 2.jpg

Tainted, 2018

10' x 10' x 9'

Dress, Lures, Monofilament, Plaster 


This piece depicts blue marks left on a white dress in representation of the human mark left on another, either mentally or physically. Blue marks contaminate the white dress and the purity of the garment is corrupted. The dress is hanging by fishing line with lures tearing into the dress. The fishing line meets an open mouth on the wall with its tongue sticking out in a gesture of lust. 


Push, 2018

5' x 5" x 8" (one sculpture)

Faux Fur, Pantyhose, Metal, Lint

This installation spurs on a discussion of women and their body. The mini sculptures have a push button in the middle of the circular fur. When the viewer pushes it, the sculpture quickly closes on their finger. This small surprise may urge a curiosity to press more of the buttons. This piece highlights a time when I became curious of sexuality but part of me was reluctant. The dong of the symbol rings as an ominous reminder of my new fate. 


Application Dating, 2017

6' x 6' x 5' 

Paper, Modge Podge, Table, 2 Chairs

Application Dating is an installation that was inspired by my use of phone applications. Hundreds of printed dating profiles cover the table, chairs, walls, and floor. The overwhelming collage of application profiles engulf the table and chairs. I consider a traditional date setting of a table and two chairs. This symbolizes the take over of online dating to the traditions of dating. This installation was used as a stage for a video performance. 

Application Dating Set.jpg
Screenshot 2017-04-27 22.09.29.png
Screenshot 2017-06-13 23.33.56.png