2D Work


Compelled, 2018

Gampi Paper, Ink 

12" x 15" 


This one of a kind Intaglio is printed using symmetry-fold techniques. I scratched half of the design into a copper plate and etched the lines in an acid bath. The plate was printed on Gampi paper twice its size. The paper was then folded in half and printed once more. This resulted in a cohesively symmetrical print. This image creates a harmonious balance between color and line. The multiple layers of image create an atmospheric space on a 2D surface. The figure represented in this piece is a representation of our composure when surrounded by all of the influences of our world. 



Cycle, 2018

Acrylic Paint, Resin

31" x 8" 

This painting on a skate deck depicts a balance between the sun and the moon dividend by layers of earth. The sun and the moon are radiating pattern as a symbol for energy. This work depicts the necessity for both the sun and the moon in our cycle of life.